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Quote from "Best Budget Hostel", Aug 2020:-

".... Blanc Inn .... "Cheap Singapore Hotels That Deliver Amazing Value"


Quote from "Top 5 Best Hostels in Singapore", Sep 2013:-

".... Blanc Inn .... This posh looking hostel is one of the latest additions to Singapore’s bed and breakfast landscape. With its French name (meaning White Inn), it’s no surprise that this hostel is out to exude elegance in its theme while maintaining a reasonable price for its guests. This hostel also moves away from the typical bunker bed dormitory style rooms, and instead offers its guests privacy, with the beds being separated far away from one another and cleverly partitioned by walls and separators so it does not feel like room-sharing. Beds at Blanc Inn start from SG$60/US$48 per night for a single bed and can go up to over SG$200/US$160 for a private room which accommodates 6 people."

Featured by Korean magazine "Go-Singapore", Page250:-

Singapore Good Hostel

English Translation: Left speech bubble says "Cleanly well-maintained room/cabin," right speech bubble says "The atmosphere makes you feel like you are visiting a friend's house."

Main body text says "Blanc Inn, for couples and family travelers. A hostel that opened in April 2013, Blanc Inn is located in a quiet street between little india and arab street, and was converted from an old shophouse to a tastefully furnished place. The characteristic feature of this hostel is that it's not a dormitory style that puts together 6-12 people but instead you can have spaces for 1, 2, 3, and family groups. It's not just for a single traveler but also considerate for couples, families, and group travelers. They offer single and queen beds instead of bunk beds. They offer a personal/private light and space to write notes or use your laptop, and a personal safe. It feels like a charming boutique hostel." - Translated by Mark Adam Ang

Singapore Good Review Hostel

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